Tourists and locals here in Torrevieja more often than not fall into “holiday mode”. Enjoying all the luxuries, such as eating and drinking like Kings and Queens. Torrevieja also has a lot of beautiful scenery, it just takes a little time to find what you are looking for.

After having the urge to cycle on an overcast day, I stumbled across a man-made lake that upon seeing, took me back to my days in Canada. Turquoise blue on a beautiful sunny day, with a winding road that covers a complete 360 degree look of this magnificent body of water. There are many spots where you can park up, or stop briefly to capture the epic photo – for bragging rights of course. 

I do not recommend a casual bike ride here as the road is indeed quite fast and windy with not a lot of room. If you insist on riding take the obvious precautions. (Helmet, single file and of course staying on the correct side of the road). 

I have been made aware that recreational activities such as paddle boarding and kayaking etc are strictly prohibited and may resort in a heavy fine. Although the thought definitely came across my mind. 

The name of this epic lake is *** Embalse de la Pedrera ***

Main roads to use are as follows:

CV-950, CV-925, CV-95, CV-95 (Long way around) or there is a dirt road that goes right next to the lake all the way through. 

So… are you going to go see it for yourself?